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Stock or Custom Engraving for Phone Case

Base Price: $10.00

Add an etched design to one of our all leather phone wallet cases.

***** IMPORTANT! This listing is for the ENGRAVING ONLY and works only in conjunction with other items purchased from our shop. IT CANNOT BE PURCHASED BY ITSELF and we will not engrave on previously made goods. *****

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1. Purchase one of our wallet phone cases (or add it to your cart along with this)

2. Choose a design you'd like etched on your wallet from our stock images as seen in photo 2. Use the "zoom" button at the bottom right of the image pane to show a larger version of these images. Actual photos of some of these designs as etched on a wallet or cover can be seen in the first photo. If you want a custom image etched on your order, see below...

3. Click "Add to Cart"

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For custom engravings, here are some guidelines:

1. The image must be public domain (ie, not copyrighted) or you must have the rights or permission to use it. If you created it, then no problem, but if you found it on the web, it is probably copyrighted and not usable. You can usually find plenty of images using Google's image search and clicking on 'Search Tools' and then 'Usage Rights' - select 'Labelled for Reuse' or 'Labelled for Reuse with Modification' depending on your needs.

2. Pure black and white (not grayscale) line art works best - sort of like a tattoo design. If you must include color or shades of gray, make sure the image has lots of contrast and preferably a white background.

3. Vector formats ( more info here ) are preferred - .eps, .ai, .dxf, and vector .pdf

4. If a vector image is not available, then the raster or bitmap image needs to be 380 dpi at the desired etched size for best results. This means if you want the final etching to be 4" tall and 3" wide then the image should be at least 4*380=1520 px wide by 3*380=1140 px high. If you convo me I can advise on the necessary image size for your etching.

5. Before ordering a custom etched design, please e-mail us the image so I can determine if it will work. If the image is fine as it is and requires no additional work from me, I will charge my standard etching fee, otherwise, I will need to charge some additional (usually $30).

6. Items that have been etched with a custom design cannot be returned except under very special circumstances. As always, I will try to resolve any issues that arise.

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See the FAQ for more information about shipping and returns, etc.