What is the best part about getting a new wallet?

That new leather smell. Or maybe it’s the feeling you get when you take all your cards out of the old one and organize them into the new. A feeling of accomplishment and renewal. Maybe for you it’s the feel of the grain before your hands and pockets have worn it smooth. Whatever it is for you, imagine that feeling doubled when you take ahold of your new handmade leather wallet from Hand and Hide.

Does that all sound great?

Then it’s probably time to ditch your old wallet and get a new one from Hand and Hide. Our wallets are made to last through the years with our handmade, crafted approach. We make our wallets 100% from scratch right here in Portland, Oregon. From full-grain leather, sturdy rivets, and traditional stitching techniques all done by hand. Each wallet is also burnished and sealed with wax to ensure longer length of use and quality aging.

Our wallets don’t discriminate.

Wallets are not one size fits all - that’s why we've spent years developing a diverse line of wallets that meet different needs and appeal to different tastes. We have everything from our miniature business card case to our largest long wallet that holds up to 24 cards as well as cash.

For the card minimalist, we designed a Micro and a Slim Wallet. For those whose taste skews more traditional then be sure to look at our stitched or riveted Medium leather wallets.

Did you know we can personalize any wallet?

Add an inscription or engraving to your wallet. Our customers love to make their leather wallets even more personal by selecting an inscription such as their initials, a favorite quote or personal mantra to see every time they use their wallet. Our inscriptions and engravings are also very popular for those buying our wallets as graduation gifts or stocking stuffers.


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