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New, sleek and keeping the competition worried, the LG V30 and V30+ are perhaps the best phones we've seen from LG yet. Protect your sleek new device with our handcrafted phone wallets. Made to order with full-grain leather and stitched together by real humans. Take a look at our 3 different styles and choose the best for you. Classic keeps it simple with limited color options and a traditional book-style design. Make it personal with our Custom phone wallets or stay flexible to the day's demands with our Flex design that separates into two halves with a simple snap.
Hand and Hide Leather Phone Wallets for LG V30 and V30 Plus

Step 2: Choose Your Style


LG V30/V30+ Custom Wallet Case
  • Our Original Classic Phone Wallet
  • Up to 5 Card Slots
  • Add an Inscription
  • Add a Wristlet
  • Add an Engraved Design
  • Available in 7 Colors


Looking for a different style? We also offer a pouch-style wallet case or a double phone case


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