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Shop our phone case selection for the Galaxy S6 Edge. We offer three different styles of leather phone cases, all of which are specially designed to fit your phone like a glove. These three style are the Classic, the Custom, and the Flex. Each has something unique to offer but they all declutter your pocket or purse by organizing all of your essentials into one as well as making an elegant conversation piece for your phone.

The Classic is our slimmest profile. Made from full-grain leather, the Classic sports the traditional book-style design that snaps together when closed. The Classic fits perfectly into your pocket or purse and fits comfortably in your hand.

The Flex is exactly like the Classic with one exception - it has the capability of separating the wallet and phone case pieces so you can take just what you need with you. That is why we call it the Flex - it is totally flexible to the demands of the day and your minute to minute needs.

The Custom phone wallet is available in both the Classic and Flex designs but offers a slew of customizations you can purchase for your phone. Choose the Custom if you would like the option of more colors, additional card slots, artistic engravings and personal inscriptions.

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