How to Use Hand & Hide's Custom Leather Phone Case Selector

Looking for Hand and Hide’s renowned leather phone wallet? Look no further! You have landed on our giant phone selector that filters through hundreds (literally hundreds) of phone cases to bring you the one you are looking for.


Your first step will be to select the manufacturer of your phone. For instance, if you are looking to purchase a case for your iPhone 7, then your manufacturer is Apple. If you have a Galaxy S8 then choose Samsung. We make hundreds of phone cases for all the big smartphone brands but if you do not see your phone listed in our selector then give us a call at our number below. We’re more than happy to hear about new or obscure phones we don’t have up on our site and it may be that we have already designed a case for one. You won’t know if you don’t ask!

We make phone cases for smaller, lesser known brands as well. Such as Huawei, Alcatel and OnePlus for example. Take a look at all the brands and phones we have designed for - you’ll be surprised by how many phone cases we make!

Now that you have selected your manufacturer, simply choose your device name from the second drop-down menu. For instance, you may have selected LG and now you can select V20 as your phone type if that is what you are looking for. Click “NEXT” to be taken to your phone case options.

In general, we offer 3 different kinds of phone cases. The Classic, the Custom and lastly, the Flex. The Flex is only available for top selling phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, Google and more. These three phone cases have some distinct differences that you can research a little more on the next page. However, each phone case is made with Hand and Hide’s well-known attention to detail and exacting standards. Each hand-stitched piece we create is carefully managed from the selection of the leather to the wax finishing so you have a piece that will last for years to come and protect your phone from damage.

Our custom leather phone wallet also ensures that your smartphone’s features are 100% accessible at all times, you never have to worry about an obscured speaker, blocked camera or untouchable button. Our designs cover your phone where it matters most while leaving each port free for your unfettered use.

We designed this new search so you can make your Hand and Hide purchases, faster and more easily. We hope you enjoy the new navigation and feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think. Call our friendly staff at 503.255.1172 with questions and comments.