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Convertible Leather Phone Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Wholesale

Construction time is 2 weeks.

Made in the USA in our Portland, OR studio; hand-stitched and made-to-order.

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Introducing the mult.e

The next evolution in stylish, functional protection for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. First came my all leather smartphone wallet, combining phone case and wallet in one convenient, slim, package. This reduced the bulk in thousands of people's pockets and purses. But I didn't stop there.

The mult.e is the first convertible all leather smartphone wallet. Two halves join together to function just like my standard smartphone wallet, with the same near bullet-proof protection and ample storage. But sometimes you want to travel light, for a night on the town, or when you are wearing those skinny jeans you love. Now you have the option of taking only what you really need: your phone, ID and a card or two. And when you need more space again, just snap the two halves back together. As simple as that.

See a detailed video

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An all-leather convertible wallet / case that allows access to all functions of your phone without using a plastic bumper to hold the phone.

also available for other select phones

The inside pocket contains a full length pocket for folded cash with 5 card slots on top, each of which can hold 2 or more cards. The slot on the back side of the phone can hold up to 4 cards when detached, and can even hold a card or two when both halves are together.

The construction offers great protection to your phone from most normal wear and tear including dropping your phone onto pavement (which I've done more times than I'd care to admit with my iPhone 5 wallet.) I even had a customer whose phone, inside one of my wallets, was run over by a truck. I'd love to say that his phone survived (it didn't) but his case was fine. I replaced the snap and polished it up and, aside from a few small scuffs, it was as good as new.

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See the last photo for color swatches. Actual product color may vary from what you see on your screen.

See the FAQ for more information about color variation.

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