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You love your iPhone 5! Now provide it the protection it needs with a luxury leather phone case from Hand and Hide. Hand and Hide is a leather goods store based out of Portland, OR. At Hand and Hide we pride ourselves on attention to detail and enduring quality. Using proven techniques we carefully construct each and every wallet phone case with precision and integrity. Ensuring that your iPhone 5 will be protected from each and every drop, scuff and tumble. We use only full-grain leather, sourced in the United States. All of our phone wallets are hand stitched with love by our dedicated, and well-paid staff in our Portland, OR studio. Support your local small business and purchase an iphone wallet you know you can trust and return to every time.

Not sure which case is right for you? Here is a quick overview of the differences between The Classic, The Custom and The Flex. The Classic is our enduring best-seller. With a simple, book-style design the Classic features a two-pocket wallet on the left hand and your custom phone case on the right. Snap it closed and you have a sleek wallet/case combo to carry comfortably in your pocket or purse. The Classic is available in our four best-selling colors. The Flex is also available in our four best-selling colors and comes with the standard two-pocket wallet. However, unlike the Classic, our Flex design allows you to easily detach your phone case from the wallet portion when you want to go light or have a long phone convo without being weighed down by your wallet. We have a video that demonstrates how easy it is to disconnect and reconnect your phone and wallet with the Flex. Just click on the Flex product to watch.

And lastly, we offer the Custom. Our Custom case gives you all the options you could ever want. Want more colors to choose from? Need more card slots in your wallet? These customizations and many more such as our free inscription service and clip attachments are available on the Custom phone wallet. The Custom is also available in both the Classic and Flex designs so you can really have your cake and eat it too. Enjoy!

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