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Shop our handmade leather goods from phone wallet cases to journal covers. We first learned our trade from real artisan craftsmen in Morocco and have been crafting custom leather goods for over 6 years. Browse our Shop All page to get an idea of what you'd like your next leather project to be or click on a collection to shop our made to order goods. Our leather goods make excellent personalized items for your desk and home or a treasured gift for a loved one.

Have two phones? We designed an all-leather case to carry two phones with ease, and best of all - it can be customized to hold a huge variety of phone combinations. 

Keep your iPhone and your Galaxy right next to each other or tote around your work BlackBerry with a Google Pixel. This luxury, all-leather dual phone case allows you to keep both of your phones in the same place when you want, and separates into two halves when you need just one phone on hand.  We use a unique leather design to hold the phones in their case securely. Our design allows you to use both phones at once or separately! The back slot on each side can hold up to three credit cards for emergency outings or last minute trips.

Our leather phone wallet cases are what started it all.

These handy cell phone accessories protect your device from damage and ensure that you have all of your essentials when you walk out the door. With plenty of room for all of your ID, credit cards and cash, Hand and Hide leather phone wallets secure all of your essentials in one handy case. Each case is hand-worked from high quality, American made leather and is endures years of handling and use.

Hand and Hide leather tablet covers hold your Kindle, iPad or any other tablet securely in a book-style case with hand-molded, leather bumpers.

These handcrafted tablet cases ensure that your device is protected from any slip, drop and impact. An attractive sleeve on the left stores your notes, papers and other important items right next to your tablet so you can study, read or work with everything you need on hand.

Leather sleeves for laptops and leather cord organizers for laptop chargers.

Protect and organize your laptop with our premium leather goods.

With everything from MacBook charger wraps to leather headphone organizers you can...

keep your briefcase, luggage, purse or messenger bag entirely organized wherever you’re headed next. Jetsetters, adventures and commuters love our travel goods not only for their attractive design but also because these leather accessories keep them organized while on the go. Our MacBook chargers and other cord wraps are also perfect for those who love to pop down to the local coffee shop to get some work done outside of the office.

Occasionally an item gets returned, incurs some wear while on display or does not meet our standards.

These items are available here on our sale page at reduced prices. If you don't mind some minor aesthetic scuffs and dings and are looking for high-quality handmade leather goods at a discount then you may stumble across a great find. These items are all ready to ship and come in the condition you see in the photos.