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Looking for the right phone case for iPhone 6 or 6s? You’ve found it! Hand and Hide handmakes luxury leather phone wallets designed especially for the iPhone 6. Structurally there is no difference between the 6 and the 6s so the same phone case fits both perfectly. That is why we have them grouped into the same product.

The three phone case options above are all designed to protect your phone from damage while making your life easier. With your wallet and phone case combined into one; you will sail through your day with ease. Forget digging down the sides of your couch for your wallet or phone, this case wouldn’t fit. And it doesn’t disappear into the depths of your bag either, the functional size makes it easy to pop your hand in without looking and come out holding your phone without missing a beat.

Our three different phone cases each have something unique to offer you and present an elegant solution for your everyday needs. With the Classic phone wallet you can in and out of our checkout in a breeze. We offer the Classic in our four best-selling colors (English Tan, Dark Chocolate, Chestnut and Jet Black) only so you can quickly add it to your cart and get on with your shopping. The Classic comes with a snap closure as well as our standard 2-pocket wallet. If you want more colors and options check out our Custom phone wallet.

The Custom gives you all the options you could ever dream of with more fun colors like Navy and Merlot as well as the option to add as many card slots to your wallet as you could ever need! This is also the case to click if you are wanting your case engraved with a special design or want to add an inscription for free. The Custom is available in both the Classic and the Flex designs.

The Flex gives you option to stay flexible in any situation, with our custom snap-apart design you can choose when to have a wallet/phone combo and when to go solo with your phone case. The Flex makes it easy to stay light around the house, enjoy long conversations on the phone or take just your phone on a neighborhood walk or jog. And when you are ready to run your errands simply snap the phone back together for a convenient combination.

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