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Your phone has to put up with a lot of criticism due to its size. Unfeeling and insensitive individuals nitpick its larger frame and roomy screen - all features you love and enjoy every day. Treat your iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus to a luxury phone case and boost it’s self-esteem so it can face down its haters with confidence.

Hand and Hide’s custom designed wallet phone cases are specially constructed to fit your iPhone 6 Plus to a T and secure it from potential damage. The leather phone holders are matched perfectly to fit your phone’s construction and leave full access to all the functions of your phone like speakers, volume buttons and cameras to name a few. You won’t ever need to remove your phone from its case in order to use any of the features, you have full access even when it's tucked securely in its case.

We offer three distinct types of phone wallets and we will break them down here so you can easily select whichever is the best fit for you.

The Classic is our flagship phone case and makes it really easy to get in and out without a fuss. Available in our best-selling colors of English Tan, Jet Black, Dark Chocolate and Chestnut the Classic is a simple, book-style phone wallet with two standard wallet pockets that comfortably hold up to two cards each. Sleek and simple the Classic is perfect for those wanting the original phone wallet design.

The Flex, on the other hand, has some extra features that give you a little more flexibility with how you tote your phone around. This special design from Hand and Hide snaps apart to temporarily separate your wallet from your phone so you can go light while kicking around the house or talking on the phone for extended amounts of time. When you are ready to get going you simply snap your phone and wallet back together so everything you need is all in one place.

And lastly, we offer the Custom phone wallet for those who want all the options and all the customizations. Select our Custom case option for access to our full range of colors, engravings and inscriptions. You can also choose to add additional card slots if you need more space for cards in your wallet and there are lots more customizations for you to peruse.

We hope this helped you get a better idea of our leather goods but if you still have questions please reach out to us at to learn more.

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