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You'll like your iPhone 7 even more when it's tucked safely into one of our leather phone cases. Durable protection made from full-grain leather offers amazing protection from damage caused by dropping your phone and prevents scuffs and dings with the full coverage design. 

We offer three distinct phone cases for the iPhone 7, each design is specially made to not only protect your phone from damage but also leave full access to each and every port, camera and function so you can leave your phone in your case without having to worry about losing functionality. 

The Classic
Our Classic phone wallet comes with a standard two-pocket wallet and is available in our four best-selling colors. This book-style phone wallet keeps everything you need neatly packaged all in one place so you don't need to hunt around for your essentials before getting out the door. 

The Flex 
The Flex is our versatile design that makes it possible to have the best of both worlds. While still a wallet and iPhone 7 phone case combo the Flex has a handy snap-apart feature that allows you to easily go lighter with just the phone case portion or snap back together to have all of your essentials in one convenient on the go package. 

The Custom
You like options and there is nothing wrong with that. The Custom is just like the other phone wallets except it comes with more options than you can shake a stick at. Click the Custom phone wallet to dress up your Classic or Flex style phone case with fun colors, gorgeous engravings, meaningful inscriptions, extra card slots and carrying accessories. 

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