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You have a nice compact iPhone SE and Hand and Hide has just the thing for you. The three phone cases we offer all have neat hand stitched holders that hold your phone securely in place while maintaining access to each and every port and camera. Our iPhone SE wallet case is made from all leather with and every single piece is cut, dyed, engraved and stitched with careful attention and love in our Portland, OR studio.

Want to know a little more about our three different leather phone cases before you choose? Each has something unique to offer that will make your phone case more like a friend than a simple accessory. One of the most frustrating things in life is the time spent finding what you need to just get out the door. Whether that is your phone, wallet, keys or kids, spending time looking for something that isn't where it should is such a pain, especially when you are already running late. Our wallet phone cases are incredibly difficult to misplace since they are combined into one and also because they are large enough to not slip down the sides of a couch or hide in your bag. This is something that all of our phone case designs share in common but they each also have a unique feature to offer.

The Classic makes checkout easy with it’s simple, book style design and limited options. Now you don't have to sit and think for an eternity before you have your finished product in the cart. Simply choose from one of our four best-selling colors, click add to cart and you’re done! Now where did that “easy” button go…?

The Flex has a little something more going on with its functional snap apart and together design. Made to help you flow flexibly throughout the demands of the day, the Flex becomes whatever you need it to be, wherever and whenever. Snap apart to go light with the phone case by itself or snap back together to enjoy all the convenience of a phone case/wallet combo.

If you have a lot of time and as many preferences than the Custom phone case is for you. Customize your iPhone SE phone wallet any which way you want with several more colors to choose from, the option to add additional pockets for more card space in your wallet and also choose from our myriad engraving and inscription style to really make this a personal piece. You can also choose from additional options like wristlets and more to make your new phone case the most functional and beautiful one you've used yet.
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Leather Wallet Cases for Apple iPhone SE
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iPhone SE Leather Wallet Case - No Plastic - Free Inscription - Hand and Hide LLC
 - 1
  • All-Leather Construction
  • 2 Card Slots
  • Fast & Simple Ordering
  • Available in 4 Colors
  • Hassle-Free Returns



Apple iPhone SE Custom Wallet Case - Phone Wallet - Hand and Hide LLC
  • Fully Customizable
  • Classic or Flex Style
  • Up to 5 Card Slots
  • Add an Inscription
  • Add a Wristlet or Belt Clip
  • Add an Engraved Design
  • Available in 9 Colors



Apple iPhone SE Flex Wallet Case - Phone Wallet - Hand and Hide LLC
  • Convertible Flexibility
  • Wallet & Phone Detach
  • 2 Card Slots
  • Fast & Simple Ordering
  • Available in 4 Colors



Apple iPhone SE Slim Phone Wallet Case - Phone Wallet - Hand and Hide LLC
  • Slim Form Factor
  • Optional Card Slots on Back
  • Fast & Simple Ordering
  • Available in 9 Colors


Looking for a different style? We also offer a pouch-style wallet case or a double phone case


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