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Need a phone case for the iPhone Xs? Look no further because you have stumbled across the best-kept secret in phone wallet cases. Hand and Hide has been crafting these cases by hand since 2011. We use only full-grain leather imported from Italy. On top of that, we also stitch each case together by hand, ensuring that your case is held together for years with the strongest stitches. Since all of our cases are made to order you know you are not buying a mass-manufactured product gathering dust on a shelf. 

Curious if our case is right for your Apple iPhone XS? We carefully design a new case for each new device and make precision access point for each camera, button, and port. Also, you do not have to remove your phone from the case to charge it on a wireless charging dock - it charges perfectly in or out of the case. Choose Classic for the original book style phone wallet or take a look at our most popular design, the Flex. The Flex separates into two halves for those times you don't need your wallet on you.

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