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It’s the highest rated smartphone ever. It’s Pixel by Google.

Finally! Google made a phone, and it is just as sleek, powerful and colorful as their search engine. (Just a little sucking up can’t hurt right?).

Well, lucky owner of a Google Pixel, don’t you think a phone of such calibre as yours deserves only the best accessories? If you agree then choose from one of our three phone case designs up above. You’ll notice they all look very similar but there are some important differences to take note of.

First of all let’s talk a little about phone wallets in general before we get into the nitty gritty of each case. The way phone wallets came to be was one day, a total genius was getting ready to leave for the work and they were wondering why they were spending so much time looking for their phone, wallet and keys before they could get out the door. The genius said: “Wouldn't life be so much better if my wallet and phone shared a case and it was big enough to spot from across the room?” And, voila, the phone wallet was born. We’re still trying to figure out a way to fit our keys in there too but it hasn’t happened yet.

The concept of the phone wallet makes things so much easier, not only is everything in one spot when you need it but it is so much more convenient when you are trying to get out the door, or doing a lot traveling far from home. There is just one less incredibly important item you have to keep track of. And have you ever had to try to find your phone in the depths of your purse or tote bag? It’s like fishing by hand - you finally think you have a grip on the bloody thing but when you finally pull your hand free of depths - its actually just some seaweed, ahem, I meant to say your hairbrush. There should be a statistic on a Snapple cap that details how much of a person’s life is wasted digging around for their phone.

In any case, the point being, the phone wallet solves a pesky modern irritation and simplifies life for you a little. Now that that is settled, here is a little more info about Hand and Hide’s phone wallets. All of our leather is full-grain and sourced here in America. We hand-stitch and use precision cutting to ensure your Pixel fits snugly into its case like a glove. Now you can also enjoy the peace of mind that your phone won’t come tumbling out of its case when you’re looking the other way. We use only the finest, sturdiest materials built to last and built to make your phone last too. Each of our styles is designed to fit a certain need or personality so go ahead and browse the options to see what works best for you or keep reading to learn a little more about each.

The Classic is our traditional, book-style wallet and is available in 3 shades of brown or a Jet Black. The Classic features a built-in wallet of course with two standard size pockets for your must have cards. The Classic is our slimmest profile and perfect for those wanting the minimalist look.

The Flex offers something a little different with our signature snap-apart design. Now you can choose when to carry your wallet and phone case around as one and when to separate them to go light.

The Custom is just what it sounds, if you are ready to customize the yin-yang out of your phone with oodles of options than go for Custom. Choose from bright, colorful dye options, extras and accessory options. You can also make your phone “totally you” by adding on artistic engravings or meaningful inscriptions.  

Whichever fits you best you can rest assured it will fit your Google Pixel even better.

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