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The Google Pixel is, arguably, the best smartphone on the market. The Google Pixel XL is a bigger version of the Pixel. In many camps, bigger equals better, so couldn’t you conclude that the Google Pixel XL is the bestest phone? And we believe the bestest phones deserves only the bestest phone cases. That is why we have luxury leather phone wallets handcrafted by yours truly especially for the Google Pixel XL.

Hand and Hide is truly the best because of the quality, time, care and attention we put into each and every part of the making process. We are a small, Portland, Oregon-based company that looks back to the past for inspiration and wisdom as we create modern products for futuristic devices.

Hand and Hide phone cases have a lot to offer despite their small size. High quality leather surrounds and protects your phone from screen and internal damage from drops. Our luxury materials and sleek results present an elegant and professional aesthetic you can be comfortable showing off anywhere. And, they also give you one less thing to worry about by combining your phone case and wallet into one.

Each of our phone cases designs offer all of these benefits listed above but they also have something a little different to offer your personal taste.

For instance, the Classic wallet is our slimmest profile and sports the traditional book-style design. This case is available in our four best-selling tones and is perfect for the minimalist who hates making too many decisions.

On the other hand, if making lots of choices brings you joy then check-out the Custom phone wallet. This design is customizable in every which way, choose from extra color options, extra card slots, personal engravings and much more. It’s kind of like the Burger King of phone cases. We’re totally committed to making it your way.

And lastly, if you love the idea of a phone wallet but can’t commit then the Flex is for you. This signature Hand and Hide design allows you to un-snap your phone case half from the wallet portion for occasions when you don't need both with you.

If you still have questions about the differences in our phone wallets, or just want to know more about our Google Pixel phone cases then drop us a line or give us a call - we’re happy to help and hope you enjoy shopping with Hand and Hide.

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