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Leather Passport or Field Notes Journal Cover

Base Price: $85.00


An all-leather cover for your passport and more - travel in style.  Also works great for the Field Notes notebook which is the same size as a passport.

The design of this passport cover is simplicity personified. Inspired by my travels around the world, this design offers an elegant solution to carrying your passport along with your other wallet essentials. The interior contains two full-length pockets - one side holds your passport and the other side has two slots for credit cards with additional room for other papers underneath.

We use the finest quality Italian leather that is both supple and strong. The default case comes without any design, but you can add an optional engraving to the outside of the cover. We offer three popular engravings designs but there are lot more to choose from here. Please let us know if you have a custom design you would like to have engraved onto your passport cover.