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Ready, Jet-Set, Travel! 

Where are you jetting off to next? The Bahamas? A Grand Tour of Europe? Or perhaps some sightseeing in Japan. No matter where you're headed next you’ll want to be prepared for your trip with some gorgeous leather travel accessories. We have carrying accessories for your phone and wallet as well as bag organizers that keep your chargers, headphones, and keys organized in your luggage or bag.

Don’t you hate it when...

You're about to board an airplane and you're playing the balancing act with your phone, wallet, keys, luggage, and shoes? One of the challenges of traveling is all of your essentials are packed into bags, waiting until you arrive at your destination point to be arranged back into some semblance of usable order. There are some things you need constant access to while traveling, however, and sometimes you need to get to them when you are carrying your shoes in one hand and trying to wheel your luggage behind you in the other. That’s why we created goods like our leather phone wallet cases, passport cover and travel folio. These are made to hold whatever you need right at hand without you having to fumble for everything at once.

3 Must Have Leather Travel Goods

1. Our leather phone wallets ensure that you have all of your important cards, cash and ID right next to your phone. When you are boarding and de-boarding flights or trying to get an Uber this system is indispensable so you have less to keep track of and one less thing to worry about losing.

2. Our Passport Cover holds your passport with full access (you don’t need to take it out to have it stamped or scanned) and room for credit cards, cash and additional ID on the other side.

3. The travel folio is our travel convenience monster. Styled as a large clutch this stylish leather wallet holds your passport, credit cards, ID, cash, checks, phone, pen, and business cards. Perfect for those who travel constantly for work or pleasure.

For those who pack their laptops etc with them we make several types of organizational wraps for chargers, headphones etc so your bag is free of clutter and has more room for all of your other travel needs. Check out our selection of handmade leather travel goods above. And let us know if you have any questions about personalizing your travel accessories with your name or initials.