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It’s the big screen that fits into your hand. LG pushed the boundaries of their screen space, making the screen sizes of Plus and XL phones accessible on a smaller device. Obviously this means they had to move some things around - like the home button for instance. Never fear, Hand and Hide has stayed up to date with the ever-evolving designs of modern smartphones and we have an elegant solution that maintains the tight hold that you expect and need from your LG G7 ThinQ phone wallet.

Enter microsuction tape. This handy technology enables us to secure your G7 to the back of the case while it’s grip on your phone is supported by buffering holders at top and bottom. This microsuction tape will be used on all three of our phone case designs, and will come with instructions on how to place your LG G7 ThinQ in its new case - hint: it’s really easy.

We still offer the same three case designs, the Classic, the Custom and the Flex. Each has a little something different to offer so make sure you check them all out to see which makes the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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