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Choose your Moto X Force phone case above. Here at Hand and Hide we offer three distinctive types of phone wallets; the Classic, the Custom and the Flex, each with a little twist. Take a look each option and discover which fits your needs best.

For instance, our Classic phone wallet features a book-style design with a snap closure and two standard card slots in the wallet half. All of our phone wallets, including the Flex and the Custom, are made with genuine, full-grain leather and are hand-stitched in our Portland, OR studio. Each piece is given careful attention and love in the making process so you can depend on our quality and longevity for years to come.

The Flex is our signature design from the practical and creative mind of owner/designer Jeff Amrhein. The Flex lives up to its name by versatilely transitioning from phone wallet to phone case with a simple snap and unsnap. That way you can easily transition from carrying your phone wallet to just your phone case without missing a beat. Click the Flex above and watch the video to see this flexible Droid Turbo 2 phone case in motion.

Lastly, we offer both the Classic and the Flex designs in a customizable form on the Custom case. This option will allow you to browse tons of extras and additional choices to really personalize your new phone. Make it your style with additional color choices in brighter shades, intricate engravings and several add-ons.

Whichever floats your boat it is sure to snugly fit your phone and make your life a little simpler with organized case that fits all of your essentials.

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