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Now here is something to take note of, these leather phone cases from Hand and Hide really have an edge on the competition. All joking aside, we wanted to let you know a little bit more about our Galaxy Note Edge leather phone cases available above.

At Hand and Hide we hand make three distinct leather phone wallets each with it’s own unique personality. Let’s start with the Classic. You can’t go wrong with this traditional, book-style design and slim profile. As always, the Classic is constructed from our luxury, full-grain leather and offers excellent shock absorption, protecting your phone’s screen from impact damage like cracks and scuffs. And not only does it keep your phone safe from damage but it also looks good doing it in sleek, shiny leather.  

Now onto the Flex. The Flex is just what it sounds like, a sturdy tree that can still bend into the direction the wind is blowing. Thick, durable leather protects from impact damage while Hand and Hide’s signature design snaps apart and back together for flexibility worthy of a yogi. Now you can decide when to keep your wallet and phone together.

And now for the Custom. If you are feeling underwhelmed by the color choices offered on the Classic and Flex phone cases or had an artistic design in mind for your leather than take a look at the Custom phone wallet. This case comes in a ton more colors and has customizable options for every facet of your new phone from extra card slots to detailed engravings.

Let us know if you need more help choosing a phone case!

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