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Hand and Hide has been hand-making leather phone cases for years now. What started out as small company in owner Jeff’s Portland, Oregon garage is now a full-blown studio at the Ford Building. Although our operations have grown our methods remain the same. We source only full-grain leather and choose the best pieces to cut for our phones. We use a precision cutting process designed to fit your Galaxy S6 to a “T”. Hand molded leather holds your phone in place while maintaining full access to your cameras, ports and buttons.

When it comes to choosing a phone case for your Galaxy S6 you’ll want a case that does justice to your phone’s sleek lines and cutting edge technology. We believe that the elegance of old-world leather craft creates the perfect showcase for your phone and contrasts beautifully with the smooth glass and metallic details on a smartphone. And not only should your phone case be an attractive conversation piece but it should also perform the necessary function of keeping your phone safe from damage. Our leather phone wallets maintain the longevity of your phone by absorbing the shock on impact should you drop your phone.

But to all of this our phone cases add yet another reason to invest in a leather phone case - we design our phone cases with the intent of making your life easier, simplified and free. Free from clutter, free from wasted minutes spent searching for essentials. Free from frustration.

Our phone cases offer this freedom by incorporating in a wallet into the design that literally organizes all of your essentials into one little case with neat pockets and plenty of room for all your membership cards (that you definitely need on you at all times). This case won’t slip down the sides of your couch - unless your couch has a huge gap. And its sizable proportions make it easy to spot wherever you set it down last as you prepare to head out for the day. This convenient phone case is offered above for the Galaxy S6 in our three distinct designs: the Classic, the Custom and the Flex.

The Classic is our best-selling phone case with a traditional book-style design. The Classic is offered in our best-selling colors and comes with two card slots.

If that sounds way too simple than perhaps the Custom leather phone case is more your style. This phone case gives you all the options you could ever dream of! More wallet pockets, new colors, engravings and even inscriptions are all available on the Custom. Select the Custom if you have a dreamy vision for your new Galaxy S6 phone case.

Lastly, the Flex is just what it sounds like - a phone case that is truly flexible to fit your needs. This special design from Hand and Hide can be unattached and reattached from itself so you can carry just your wallet or just your phone when the need arises. The choice is yours with the Flex.
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Step 2: Choose Your Style


Samsung Galaxy S6 Custom Wallet Case - Phone Wallet - Hand and Hide LLC
  • Our Original Classic Phone Wallet
  • Up to 5 Card Slots
  • Add an Inscription
  • Add a Wristlet
  • Add an Engraved Design
  • Available in 7 Colors



Samsung Galaxy S6 Flex Wallet Case - Phone Wallet - Hand and Hide LLC
  • Convertible Flexibility
  • Wallet Half & Phone Half Detach
  • Up to 5 Card Slots
  • Add an Inscription
  • Add an Engraved Design
  • Available in 7 Colors


Looking for a different style? We also offer a pouch-style wallet case or a double phone case


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