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A screen of such proportions deserves a phone case that lives life just as large. Protect your favorite way to stream Netflix with Hand and Hide’s leather phone cases. Each of our three designs are made from a sturdy, full-grain leather that absorbs shock on impact - protecting your screen from cracks and scuffs. Our phone holders are custom designed to the shape of your phone and molded by hand to ensure a tight grip on your phone that never slips.

Hand and Hide’s three designs each have a unique feature that makes them a little different from the rest - if the photos above aren’t helping you spot the differences then read on for an insight into what makes each of these leather phone wallets so unique.

The Classic is our traditional book-style wallet and comes with two card slots that hold up to two standard cards each such as credit cards, membership cards etc. Our Classic features the slimmest profile and is available in our four best-selling colors.

The Flex is exactly like the Classic except for one very important detail. The Flex earned it's name with its versatile snap-apart design that allows you to temporarily separate the phone case from the wallet for occasions when you need to lighten your load or for a convenient way to talk on the phone for long periods of time without holding your wallet up to your ear as well. This special design from Hand and Hide has made the lives of so many people that much easier by enabling them to travel conveniently with all of their essentials in one place while at the same time maintaining the flexibility of choosing to just have a phone case without the wallet for a while.

Lastly, you have the Custom. The Custom phone case is available in both the Classic and Flex style designs and offers several ways to truly personalize your Galaxy S6 Edge phone case. Not only are there more colors to choose from but you can also add more pockets to the wallet if you have a lot to pack around and you can also choose from our collection of special engravings and inscriptions to make your case truly unique to you.

Whichever is right for you, we know you’ll love it the minute you get your hands on it.

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