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Hand and Hide’s Galaxy S7 Edge wallet phone case is made from full-grain leather vegetable tanned to rustic perfection. Each phone case is as unique as the animal it comes from, making your phone case even more personal. Leather phone cases are an excellent way to protect your phone from harm as their thick and sturdy construction absorbs shock on impact and prevents cracks and scuffs.

As you can see above Hand and Hide offers three distinct styles of wallet phone cases, one of which will suit your needs perfectly and all of which are specially designed to encase your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge like a glove. All are made from the same high-quality leather but they each have a little something different to offer.

The Custom is our pizza with all the toppings and a side of breadsticks. Seriously, you can customize the yin-yang out of this thing. Choose from our full-color run of dyes, engrave a special design, add a heartfelt inscription and add more pockets to your phone case!

For a simpler option, kind of like ordering the Cheese pizza, take a look at our Classic. This traditional book-style design takes a lot less time to order and comes with fewer options for a streamlined checkout experience. The Classic is available in four colors, English Tan, Dark Chocolate, Jet Black and Chestnut. These are our top four best-selling colors. The Classic also comes with two standard sized card slots that comfortably hold two cards each.

The Flex also comes in these four best-selling colors and offers two card slots as well - but it differs drastically from the Classic design in that you can fully separate the wallet half from the phone case half when you want to travel light and reattach when you need all of your essentials in one place.

Whichever you choose you are sure to love and enjoy Hand and Hide’s quality leather goods and enduring elegance.
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Step 2: Choose Your Style


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Custom Wallet Case - Phone Wallet - Hand and Hide LLC
  • Our Original Classic Phone Wallet
  • Up to 5 Card Slots
  • Add an Inscription
  • Add a Wristlet
  • Add an Engraved Design
  • Available in 7 Colors



Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Flex Wallet Case - Phone Wallet - Hand and Hide LLC
  • Convertible Flexibility
  • Wallet Half & Phone Half Detach
  • Up to 5 Card Slots
  • Add an Inscription
  • Add an Engraved Design
  • Available in 7 Colors


Looking for a different style? We also offer a pouch-style wallet case or a double phone case


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