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Your new Samsung Galaxy S8 is breaking the bounds of screen space and Hand and Hide is pushing into those new frontiers right along with you. Enjoy your Infinity Screen with our adaptive design that continues to leave full access to each and every feature of your new phone.

When we heard the next evolution of smartphones would be nearly all screen, we began to carefully plan how to balance the need for protection and maintaining the freedom of use. The solution? Microsuction tape. Or as we like to refer to it around the studio; Octopus Tape. Now it’s not made from octopus tentacles thankfully but the technology is based on the amazing hold an octopus’ suction cups have. The microsuction tape makes up for the difference of smaller holder pieces that now mostly offer the buffer your phone needs when dropped. We are now incorporating this “tape” into each Samsung Galaxy S8 phone wallet to maintain the strength of hold you are accustomed to in Hand and Hide phone cases. If you have any questions about this new feature then please give us a call, we love talking about it - it is pretty cool stuff!

The Galaxy S8 is offered in all three styles of Hand and Hide leather phone wallets. Classic, Custom and Flex. Each of these cases has something different to offer so make sure to check them all out. The Custom, for instance, has all the options you could ever want, extra card slots for the wallet side, more colors to choose from and special designs you can have engraved onto your case. The Flex is our signature snap-apart design that allows you to separate the wallet from the phone case for times when it’s more convenient to have them apart.

Let us know if you have questions by calling our friendly staff or emailing us.

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