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Thanks for taking a look at our handmade leather tablet cases. We have been handcrafting these tablet cases for over 5 years and through the years we have been perfecting the design and look of our cases. We love to listen to the feedback from our customers and reflect what we hear back into our design and making process. So you could really view our cases as a collaborative project between us and the people who have purchased and used our products for years.

The Journey of a Tablet Case

There is so much to appreciate when you purchase one of our leather tablet cases. The story of each tablet begins on Jeff’s Mac. This is where Jeff carefully evaluates the size, dimensions, and features of the tablet. Using Adobe Illustrator, Jeff creates a perfect model of the case which is sent to our laser cutter. At this stage we pull out a roll of our imported Italian leather and smooth it out to the edges, carefully selecting a gorgeous section of leather to cut from. The hide is then loaded into the cutter and each feature is precision cut. Now, the case is ready to be prepped and stitched. One of our four maker artisans will install the snaps, hammer the rivets and begin stitching the case together by hand. This is the step where your piece receives the most attention. It will be in the artisan’s gloved hands during the entire stitching and wet-molding process. Wet-molding is how we craft perfectly shaped pieces to hold your tablet in securely at all times. After the case is stitched and dried it is hammered again and burnished with eco-friendly wax to finish the edges. Finally, the case is taken to the shipping counter, wrapped carefully in tissue paper and shipped straight to you. As you can see, each tablet case is a labor of love and nothing that falls below our exacting standards ever leaves the studio.

Some of the features that separate our work aside from the crowd is the durability and strength of the leather we use. Here at Hand and Hide, we use only top quality leather, like Buttero to construct our leather goods. That is why you can drop your case over and over again for years and your tablet will always be fully protected. We are also chosen for the gorgeous aesthetic we design into our cases. Customers love our book-style cases that look professional and elegant whether you are at work or traveling. Form, however, is useless without function in this case and we respect the needs of the user as well as device features when we created this product. Our cases are designed to allow full use of your tablet inside the case. You never need to remove your tablet from the case to access any feature, making our design one of the more efficient styles available in luxury materials. Thanks to feedback from our customers we have also incorporated a pocket for note-taking, writing implements and currency storage so you are prepared and organized for whatever the day will bring. Take a look at some of our customer testimonials regarding our tablet carrying cases.

Customer Reviews

“Absolutely beautiful piece of work. I look forward to reading every day on my Kindle just to see the case.” ~ Thomas G. MacPherson.

“Thank you for the beautiful iPad mini case, Jeff. It fits "to a T"-- this mini will NOT fall out and that is reassuring. The cover makes me feel like I have a vintage book in my hand. Thanks for sharing your talents with those of us wanting something to make our ordinary day-to-day tools, extraordinary with classy touch!” ~ Dr. Shell.

“It's fantastic, I'm totally thrilled. Craftsmanship is excellent, awesome quality leather and it shipped right on time. This cover works well and has a great feel to it. Looks great and will only look better as the leather ages.” ~ Scott Correy.

“This is the best ipad case I have purchased. In all I have purchased close to 50 cases. I have purchased very high end cases, which does not work as well as this one.” ~ Cacajun.

“I love this case. The leather looks, feels and smells divine. It accentuates the iPad, enhancing its appearance, even further. Jeff was very patient with my requests and fulfilled them tremendously. The quality is top-notch and definitely worth it. You can't pay too much for perfection.” ~ Suzy Shams

“Product exactly as pictured. Beautiful handwork, easy to use case for Kindle Voyage, sleep/wake function works perfectly every time. Delivered on schedule. Thank you!” ~ Victoria Isabelle.

Choosing the Right Case

As you can see from our reviews we make tablet cases for all iPads and Kindles and we recently added the reMarkable tablet to our fold. However, we have made cases for other tablets, including Samsung tablets, in the past so feel free to reach out to us if you do not see your device listed here and it is very possible that we can accomodate you.

For those shoppers who are looking for iPad cases etc, please use our selector above. First select the manufacturer, then select the correct version of your device from the second drop-down list. After you click “next” you will be given the option of our two tablet sleeve styles. One is our classic, book-style design and the other is a more flexible design that ideal for professionals and students who constantly need the use of their tablet without the extra baggage. Take a look at both styles and read the info to make a good decision about which option better fits your lifestyle. Now you can adjust the customization options and add the case you want to your cart. Checkout and within two weeks your handmade, leather ipad case will be on it’s way to you. Once you have it in your hands you can show it off to everyone and tell them all where they can get one too. Unless this is a secret you’d rather keep to yourself. And if you really love our iPad covers and such then perhaps you would like one of our handcrafted leather phone wallets as well?

Still have questions? Call our friendly staff at 503.255.1172 with questions and comments.

Happy shopping!


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