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Customs Duties


Each country has its own laws and regulations for the import of goods into the country, which its customs authority enforces. A customs duty is a tariff or tax on the importation of goods. Customs duties are paid by the importer of the goods.

What to Expect

By purchasing goods from our shop, you become an importer of goods to your country. Once the goods arrive at your country, they are held in a customs area and a customs agent will contact you so that you may pay the required customs duty. If they fail to contact you or you refuse to pay the customs duty, your package will not be cleared and will be sent back to us. At that point, if you still wanted the item you'd need to pay for it to be shipped again. Under some circumstances we can offer a partial refund for packages returned to us.

How much are customs duties?

This varies from country to country. This online customs duty calculator allows you to estimate the customs duties. Be sure to select United States as the "Importing From" country and "USD" as the from currency and your country as the "Importing To" country and the appropriate currency. Product description can be something simple like "phone case". Use 42029100 for the HS Code and select "CIF". Add the shipping cost in USD and leave insurance at 0. Click the calculate button and you'll get a breakdown of the estimated charges and a total of the purchase price with shipping and estimated customs duties added in.

Please be aware that this is only an estimate and Hand and Hide is not responsible for any discrepancies.