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New Double Phone Case!

We are working on a new design for our double phone case! We've heard some of your feedback and also added some of our own ideas to make some great improvements.

The new case will feature universal half-cases that can be swapped to either side when together. Both sides will feature a pass-through card slot on the back that is larger in order to accommodate more cards. Because the sides are interchangeable it will also mean that upgrading to a new phone will be a breeze - just order the half-case for the new phone and rest assured that it will fit with whatever configuration you currently have.

We've also redesigned the holder pieces for the new case. The new holders will act as edge bumpers but will not interfere with the full-screens of the latest phones. They will work in conjunction with micro-suction tape to securely hold your phone in the case. During our initial testing, we've found the new holders to be much easier to use.

We are also intending to roll out a wallet half-case that will allow you to add a wallet cover to either half of your case. This is something many of our customers have asked for so we are excited to offer it.

We'd love your feedback on the new design - let us know what you think!