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Leather Windows Laptop Cover

Base Price: $155.00

A beautiful slim leather cover for your Windows laptop.  We have a few models that we've designed already but if you don't see your model listed, please contact us to check if we can make a case for it.  Hand-stitched in the USA from veg-tanned leather.

All images shown are for our similar MacBook Pro version but this one will be made specifically for the following laptops:

ASUS - Zenbook 14
Dell Inspiron 16 5620
Dell Inspiron 16 7620
Dell Precision 17 5770
Dell XPS-13 9300, 9310, 9315, or 9320
HP Envy 13 2021,
HP Envy x360 13.3,
HP Envy x360 15.6,
HP Envy 16-ac0023dx,
HP Envy 17 cr0013dx,
HP Envy 17 cr0503na,
HP Envy 17t cr000,
HP 15-fc0093dx,
HP Envy x360 14-fa0023dx,
Lenovo Slim 7i 14,
Lenovo Thinkbook 14s Yoga ITL,
Lenovo Yoga 7i 16,
LG Gram 15 15Z90P,
LG Gram 16 16Z90Q,
LG Gram 16 16Z90R,
LG Gram 17 17Z90P,
LG Gram 17 17Z90Q,
Microsoft Surface Book 3 15,
Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio,

The inscription location is on the bottom right inside corner piece opposite our logo which is on the bottom left corner piece.

Please confirm the model number of your laptop in the required field. You can find this info in Windows 11 or Windows 10 by:

  1. In the Search Box, type System.
  2. In the list of search results, under settings, select System.
  3. Look for Model: in the System section.

Note: The cover will not stay on if you fold the laptop past 180 degrees, in tablet mode or tent mode, so you'd need to put it back on when closing the laptop. It also keeps the laptop open very slightly when closed, as the case holds on with leather corner pieces but this does not prove to be an issue.