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Upgrade Half of Double Phone Case

Base Price: $69.00

Have our double phone case but changed one of your phones?  You can now easily upgrade just half of the case!  (Or if you are looking for a whole new double phone case.)

Even if you order your new half in the same color as old they will not match perfectly because of variations in our leather colors and also aging that has occurred on the old half. Some colors are no longer available but two-toned cases tend to look great.

If you have one of our old-style cases (see the photos) we will continue to make replacement halves for them until April 1st, 2020, but, in order to ensure that your new half fits perfectly with your old half, we'll need you to return the entire old case.

Please complete the purchase of the upgrade here and include the order number in a note along with your old case to:

Hand and Hide
2505 SE 11th Ave Suite B28
Portland, OR 97202

Please let us know when you've mailed your case and provide tracking info if it is available - contact us

If you have our new-style case, we don't need you to send in the old case.