Double Phone Case

Base Price: $139.00

This luxury, all-leather dual phone case holds both your work and personal phone and separates into two halves for relaxing at home or making a long call. Hand and Hide uses a unique leather design to hold the phones in their case securely. The back slot on the right side can hold a couple of credit cards for your convenience.

Changed phones and looking to replace one half of your current Hand and Hide double phone case?  We've got the answer with our upgrade listing.

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    • Apple iPhone SE/5/s/c
    • Apple iPhone 6/s
    • Apple iPhone 6/s Plus
    • Apple iPhone 7/8
    • Apple iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus
    • Apple iPhone X/Xs
    • Apple iPhone Xs Max
    • Apple iPhone Xr
    • Samsung Galaxy S7
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    • Samsung Galaxy S8
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
    • Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
    • Samsung Galaxy S10
    • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
    • Samsung Galaxy S10E
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
    • Google Pixel
    • Google Pixel XL
    • Google Pixel 2
    • Google Pixel 2XL
    • Google Pixel 3
    • Google Pixel 3 XL
    • LG G6
    • LG G7 ThinQ
    • LG V30/V30s ThinQ
    • LG V35 ThinQ
    • LG V40 ThinQ
    • Huawei P20 Lite
  • hand-and-hide-microsuction-tape

    classic case shown

    Microsuction Tape

    If your phone has an asterisk beside it in the menu above then our case will utilize microsuction tape.

    • Used to secure the phone into the case
    • Can be used repeatedly provided it is kept clean
    • Completely hidden by phone
    • Leaves no residue on phone
    • Uses microscopic pockets of air that act as suction cups
    • We can supply new tape if yours becomes damaged
    • Has a thin film that must be peeled before using
    • More details on microsuction tape

    double phone case in charcoal black leather

    actual case may vary from image shown

    Finer Details

    • Designed Specifically to Carry Two Phones at Once
    • Each Phone Can be Used Separately or Together
    • Great for Carrying a Business Phone and a Personal Phone
    • Available in 4 Colors
    • Fully Customizable (See Options Tab for More Details)
    • Precise Fit with Access to All Cameras, Ports & Sensors
    • Durable Leather Offers Scuff, Ding & Scratch Protection for Your Phone
    • Secure Antique Brass Snap Closure
    • Easily Insert or Remove Phones from Case

    double phone case in chestnut leather

    actual case may vary from image shown

    Artisan Craftsmanship

    • Designed and Made in Portland, OR
    • Water-Resistant
    • 100% Handmade and Hand-Stitched
    • Our Staff Puts Care and Love into Every Stitch
    • All the Beautiful Character of Real Leather
    • Small Batch Crafted
    • Eco-Friendly Vegetable Tanning
    • Genuine Full-Grain Cow Leather
    • Develops a Patina Beautifully with Regular Use

    double phone case in red leather

    actual case may vary from image shown

    More Questions?

  • add a wristlet to your phone wallet case

    handy wristlet


    • Sized for Most Hands
    • Attaches to an Eyelet Near the Top of the Left Side
    • Attaches Using a Swivel Clasp
    • Dyed to Match Phone Case

    Free Inscription

    • Up to 20 Characters
    • Choice of 15 Fonts (they are all Google Fonts)
    • Default Location is Centered Near the Top of the Left Side (our logo is at the bottom)
    • Default Font is Sorts Mill Goudy (same as our logo)
    • Please Make Sure Spelling is Correct
    • Use for Name, Initials, Phone Number, Phrase, Etc.
    • Inscription makes purchase non-returnable
  • hand_and_hide_leather_color_swatches

    Engraving on all of our color options (from top left: Natural, Chestnut, Dark Chocolate, Charcoal Black, Red, Green, Yellow)


    • Images are burned into the leather for a permanent design
    • The color swatch photo (across) shows how engraving looks on all the color options
    • Engraving can be very subtle on some leather colors since the engraved color is very close to the leather color
    • The layout for the engraved design follows the sample images below as closely as possible
    • Some images extend onto front and back of case as seen in the images below
    • If you'd like a custom image engraved on your case, contact us

    Fauna Engravings

    • 1 Elephant
    • 2 Camel
    • 3 Dinosaur
    • 4 Wolf
    • 5 Zebra
    • 6 Fish
    • 7 Turtle
    • 8 Elk
    • 11 Bear
    • 12 Owl
    • 13 Dog Prints
    • 14 Octopus
    • 15 Black Crow
    • 16 Paisley Crow
    • 17 Navajo Crow
    • 18 Hummingbird

    Flora Engravings

    • 1 Floral Design 1
    • 2 Floral Design 2
    • 3 Woodgrain
    • 4 Ferns
    • 5 Poppies
    • 6 Mandala
    • 7 Japanese Tree
    • 11 Wheat
    • 12 Fleur de Lis
    • 13 Hibiscus Flower

    Geometric Engravings

    • 1 Isometric Design 1
    • 2 Isometric Design 2
    • 3 Zigzag Design 1
    • 4 Ripple Pattern
    • 5 Celtic Knots
    • 6 Circles
    • 7 Zigzag Design 1
    • 8 Ripples
    • 9 Triangles Design
    • 10 Zigzag Design 3
    • 11 Zigzag Band 1
    • 12 Zigzag Band 2
    • 13 Zigzag Band 3
    • 14 Zigzag Band 4
    • 15 Zigzag Band 5
    • 16 Zigzag Band 6
    • 17 Zigzag Band 7
    • 18 Snowflakes

    Misc Engravings

    • 1 Biohazard
    • 2 World Map
    • 3 Antique Bike
    • 4 Flammarion Engraving
    • 5 Nuclear
    • 6 Antique High Wheel Bike
    • 7 Wind and Waves
    • 8 Celtic Heart
    • 9 Brain
    • 10 Compass
    • 11 Recycle
    • 12 Anchor
    • 13 Masonic Device
    • 14 Yoga
    • 15 Tardis
    • 16 Eiffel Tower
    • 17 Peace Sign
    • 18 Om Symbol
    • 19 Antique Key
    • 20 Celtic Cross
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      US Shipping

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    • You can Upgrade to USPS Priority or UPS
    • We Insure all Shipments

      International Shipping

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    • You can Upgrade to UPS (3-5 business days to most destinations)
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    • You are responible for all Customs and Import Duties
    • We Insure all Shipments


    If you decide to cancel your order before we have started working on it, we'll immediately issue a full refund. Once we have started work, however, we may not be able to issue a full refund; we will work with you to come to an agreement.

    We strive to resolve any order discrepancies as quickly as possible. If we are at fault, we will repair, replace or refund your item at no charge to you and will reimburse your return shipping.

    If you are unsatisfied with our product for any other reason, you may return it within 30 days of delivery for a refund or store credit (a restocking fee may apply)

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    All of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty which covers defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the product.

    Since leather ages with use, our warranty does not cover changes in the appearance of the leather. All warranty work is performed in our studio and the buyer is responsible for shipping in both directions.


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