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Best Remarkable Tablet Case

Best Remarkable Tablet Case

April 20, 2019

Looking for a reMarkable tablet case?

Hand and Hide makes a handcrafted case that covers the corners of the case for secure protection that won't wear out.

hand and hide leather remarkable paper tablet case

This case is not a universal tablet case with elastic holders (which you can find at a lower price if that is more your style), it is a case made specifically for the reMarkable tablet. Unfamiliar with leather cases? They have some real advantages over plastic. While plastic chips and cracks, leather is soft and absorbs impact without breaking. Many leather cases are cheap and the covers peel or chip after a little while, but the leather used in this case gets better with age. Hand and Hide uses only full grain leather, which means there is no top coating to peel off.

Keep your paper tablet protected in your bag or at work, and keep your stylus where it belongs without losing it. This case has a front cover to protect the screen, but unlike pouches or sleeves, you can use the tablet without removing it from the case. The pencil sleeve is located in the spine so it won’t bother the screen.

Our case is made in Portland, Oregon and hand stitched as well. If you’re looking for a reMarkable paper tablet case that is durable and long lasting, we think you’ll be satisfied.

hand and hide leather tablet case detail shot hand stitching

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