3rd Anniversary Gifts That Don’t Suck

3rd Anniversary Gifts That Don’t Suck

February 01, 2019

You're probably here to get some unique leather gifting ideas and if that is the case then skip down to the end of the blog for our list of useful leather gifts. But if you would like to hear about the difference between good and bad anniversary gifts then keep going. I promise I will get to the leather gift ideas later. 

Here is my real problem with traditional anniversary gifts, they have created a market for a bunch of mostly useless items that can be added to the pile of “useless things with our names and wedding date on them that we started collecting since we got married/partnered” etc. And that really sucks because a lot of the traditional materials for each year can be used to make some legit stuff.


Take year one, for instance, where the traditional gift is paper. I’d wager good money that most of the gifts you looked at were journals - most likely with your name on it? Framed quotes about romantic love or that kit for making an artistic masterpiece while rolling around naked and covered in paint. (I am so curious about how that went by the way, was it fun or awkward as hell?)


I lean more to the side of useful gifts or experience type gifts. I want something that I am going to use on the regular or can look back on and remember a fun time. So if the theme is paper, then buy me a book that I have been wanting to read forever, or buy me a gift card to my favorite bookstore and give it to me with a handwritten note. Buy a Groupon for one of those watercolor and wine nights or take a tour of a paper factory. Even better, make each other a gourmet dinner and watch a doc on the lumber industry while you learn about how you can reduce your use of paper products and recycle more.


When it comes to your third anniversary, leather is the traditional gift because it represents the flexible durability that your relationship is maturing into. Your love is still fragile, but you have to try a lot harder to mess things up at this point. It also represents shelter, a symbol of our ancestral living arrangements and touch, because us humans love the way leather feels.

There are lots of useful leather anniversary gifts you can get your life partner(s) on this special, special occasion. We really love this belt from Grovemade. It’s simple and gender neutral but still exudes class. Also - who doesn’t need a solid belt?


We also love our Hand and Hide wallets because we make them stand out from the crowd with these badass rivets. On top of that, they are also minimalist friendly and force you to downsize your everyday carry.


But our most practical leather gift is our leather phone case that doubles as a wallet. Now you can really downsize and carry one less thing altogether. We make them from premium, imported leather so they last for years and years. This is not a cheap little knick-knack that you will eventually resent for the space it takes up but a useful, everyday item that will go with you everywhere. And yes, if you must, we can put your damn wedding date or initials on it but you can’t make me feel happy about it.


We also have tablet covers and organizational doodads for keeping your cords in order. We don’t make anything we wouldn’t use ourselves and we definitely stay away from the “it goes on your shelf” product market.

Looking to make a memory? Take a class on leatherworking together and learn how to make a simple leather good. Tandy is a nationwide leather store that also offers classes in many major cities around the U.S. and they teach you how to make anything from keychains to hair-on Cowhide bags. You could also visit a local leathermaking shop and explore that together. Not only do they smell really good, but you can also feel different hides and learn more about the different techniques used in leatherworking. 

Have other ideas about how to make your traditional anniversary gift a little different? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Hope you find something that doesn’t suck for your lovely partner(s) and happy third year anniversary to both or all of you!

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