Hand and Hide Cord Wraps for Travel

Cord Organizers for Travel & Work

May 06, 2017

Traveling this summer? You might find it worthwhile to invest in a cord organizer from Hand & Hide so you can save space in your suitcase for more important things - like all the cool finds you’re going to bring back with you. First we’ll give you a rundown on all the types of cord organizers we make, how best to utilize these accessories to save you time and space and lastly we’ll hear from a couple of users about what they love best about using their Hand & Hide cord organizers.

Wrap it Up

We offer 3 charger wraps, iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Each of these makes an elegant solution for travel, working from home and home organization for your charging cords. Easy to wrap up and throw into your bag without worrying about it getting all tangled up and lost in the depths. And no matter how long it’s in there it will not come apart so you can survive a long flight or train ride with your bag’s contents accessible and neat.

Hand and Hide Leather Cord Wraps for Travel

We also have a headphone wrap that works with most types of earbuds so you can save time spent on unraveling those frustrating knots over and over again. And not only does our earbud wrap save you time but it also keeps your headphones clean because they’re not rolling around at the bottom of your bag anymore.

Hand and Hide Headphone Wrap for Travel

We use genuine, full-grain leather and a quality felt to make our cord organizers. We also incorporate antique brass snaps and rivets into each design so they all have that sleek industrial look that will lend an edge of modern rustic to your work and travel look.

In Real Life

Sara: MacBook Charger Wrap

I love that it was handmade by a real person. Because it makes a more attractive organizer piece than you can find anywhere else. Before this I was using a velcro and got lots of hair stuck in it and was nowhere near as attractive as this elegant leather wrap. I also shorten and lengthen the amount of cord I leave out depending on the situation, so whether I’m at home or at a coffee shop.

Paul: Earbud Wrap Case

I got this earbud wrap as a Christmas gift, I’ve never used anything to organize my earbuds before but I gave it a try and have gotten a lot of use out of it. It’s actually nice to throw in my backpack and pull my earbuds out without having to dig around and untangle them for 10 minutes.

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