Crafty Underdog: redux

December 17, 2011

I did another Crafty Underdog show in Portland on the 11th of Dec. at the Mission Theatre and Pub. It turned out to be much more lucrative than my first show there. I ended up selling a few wallets, an order for a custom business card case from the lovely lady in the booth next to mine (a full post about this is forthcoming) and a red messenger bag that a young woman jumped through hoops for (or tried to, at least.)

I wanted to discount everything in my inventory and I was going to just put up a sign saying everything over $100 was $30 off or something to that effect. Cindy (my fabulous girlfriend) had the great idea of making people earn the discount by performing something. I didn't think anyone was going to take me up on the offer, but the young lady who was smitten by my sexy red messenger bag, decided that she needed to have it, and after a requisite trip to the ATM, proceeded to pay me for it. She was going to pay full price and I (foolishly) told her she could get $30 off if she could do a trick.

She thought for a while and couldn't come up with anything that she could do. I kept persisting until she finally said that there was this one party trick she used to be able to do. She bent over at the waist, raised her left foot and grabbed the toe with her right arm and claimed that she could jump her right foot through that loop she created. I was expecting that an imminent call to 911 would be needed. Well, after two aborted attempts, it was apparent that she wasn't quite as limber as she was 10 years ago, but perhaps a little wiser. Crestfallen, she looked imploringly at me. I thought for a moment and finally asked her if she could do a handstand, which, with the help of her very bemused boyfriend, she succeeded in doing on the second attempt. The small crowd that had by then gathered around, clapped for her performance, much to the chagrin of the band playing on the stage.

It was well worth the $30.


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