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Custom Business Card Case

December 17, 2011

Hand and Hide Business Card Case for MairWear Hats

This was the second most interesting thing to come out of my second Crafty Underdog show (the most interesting, and entertaining, was the hand-standing messenger bag buyer.) At the table next to mine was a lovely lady selling crocheted beanies, Mary of MairWear. During the course of the day, Mary and I talked about various things (mostly about craft shows and Etsy) and in the afternoon she asked to look at one of my iPhone sleeves. She thought it could make a great business card case, but she wanted to have her logo on it. We discussed the finer details of the design - it would have a snap closure, her logo on one side, a star on the other and it would be dyed red. The following day, I received her e-mail with her company logo and proceeded to create her case. I traced the design onto the blank leather and then, with a very steady hand, proceeded to ink it in. It was a little nerve-wracking, the details are pretty fine and there is little room for error (I felt like a tattoo artist.) I finished the inking to my satisfaction, already pleased with the results, and then cut out the shape, dyed it with a sexy cranberry red leather dye, waxed it, punched the holes, added the snaps and stitched it up. It wasn't until I buffed the wax, however, that the full effect was achieved. I sat back and admired my work, already thinking about how pleased Mary would be with the results.  

"Jeff is a true artist and his works are pieces of art. I knew I would love my new business card case even before I got it in the mail. But when I DID get it in person, I couldn't believe how perfect it was! I'm amazed at the quality and attention Jeff puts in to every piece he works on. I'm proud to pull out my business cards every chance I get just so I can show off the case! I am glad to have met Jeff and look forward to working with him again!" ~ Mary Bouma

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