Hand and Hide Summer Camping Tips

Hand & Hide Camping Tips for Summer

May 10, 2017

Camping season is upon us and it is time to get your gear together and start using your weekends to explore the natural wonders close, or not so close, to home. We asked our staff to share their favorite stories, spots or advice about camping as well as their Hand & Hide must haves when they head to the roads less traveled.

Sara - Fave Camping Story

I’m from Arizona so most of my camping memories were made in the desert. My favoriteHand and Hide Tips for Camping at the Grand Canyon camping memory is actually from 8th grade, this was my most memorable trip to the Grand Canyon so far. I was with my best friend and her family at a KOA and I still have the necklace from that trip. Seeing the Grand Canyon is something you cannot forget. I also camped in Mexico a few times with my Dad which was super fun but my most recent camping experience was “camping” in the backyard with several friends which was also a blast. I’m excited to explore some campgrounds in the PNW this summer. My Hand & Hide must have for camping is definitely my phone wallet, it makes it easier to travel light if you need to hike in a bit or want to have less with you on the go.

Jeff - Camping Pro

Jeff’s favorite camping spot is Lake Powell, Arizona. This camping find is also partly in Hand and Hide Tips for Camping at Lake Powell ArizonaUtah and features miles and miles of remote areas to drive, hike or kayak into. Jeff likes to get as far away from civilization as he can when he camps so he kayaks deep in away from other people. He loves setting up near the lake and climbing up steep cliffs to get a better view of the magical, rocky landscape. He does recommend keeping an eye out for scorpions, however. His Hand & Hide must have is the earbud wrap case because music + solitary camping = heaven. Jeff also wants a leather holder for his french press which he also never camps without.

Sergei - Camping on the Oregon Coast

Sergei loves camping on the Oregon Coast. He enjoys building fires and the feel of theHand and Hide Tips for Camping on the Oregon Coast strong wind on the beach, so it’s a good thing he’s very proficient at pitching his tent securely. His top three coastal camping spots are Manzanita near Cannon Beach, MulHolland Bay and Ecola Park. His advice is to take some extra time to hike in a little farther to get away from other people and to carefully calculate how much your kids will eat because hungry kids when you are far from easy sources of food is a nightmare. His Hand & Hide camping must have is our Beer Sleeve which has absolutely nothing to do with the previously mentioned situation.

Hannah - Camping Newbie

Hannah hasn’t really done much camping so she is incredibly excited to explore what isHand and Hide Tips for Newbie Campers around and find her favorite spots. She and her husband Caleb are currently amassing the gear they need to try out paleo camping for the first time and hopefully do some backpacking in central Oregon. If you don’t know that much about Paleo camping she recommends this blog. Her must have is the Leather Mason Jar Mug because you can use it for drinks and soup.

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