Hand and Hide Hauwei Honor 8 Phone Case Review from Ed's Mobile Blog

Huawei Phone Case Review

January 05, 2017

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great Thursday on this New Year week one.

One of the benefits of making leather phone cases is getting to hear about all the smartphone companies out there. There are some pretty unknown brands out there that are killing it when it comes to making smartphones that certainly rival all of the big manufacturers we know so well here in the States. One of those lesser known brands is Huawei. Huawei is a telecommunications company based out of China, they started making phones over a decade ago. Huawei focuses on sleek lines and beautiful functionality. It's a smartphone brand you need to check out for yourself!

Needless to say, it can be difficult to find accessories for devices that are rarely purchased in the North American market. Here at Hand and Hide we pride ourselves on making leather phone cases for every device you can buy. One of our happy customers who had recently acquired a Huawei Honor 8 was pleased to find that we hand make leather phone cases specially designed for the Honor 8. As we always love to hear, Ed was more than happy with his phone case and he took the time to review it on his blog! Take a look and see what Ed has to say about his new phone case here and you might just want a new phone and a new leather phone from Hand and Hide to boot! 

Read the review here. And check out Hand and Hide's shop to find more leather goodies for yourself! Give us a call at 503.255.1172 if you have any questions about our leather goods. 

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