Hand and Hide iPhone Wallet Review from Photographer Neville Black

iPhone Wallet Review

December 12, 2013

Read my first in-depth review from a customer! This customer is a pretty cool person, his name is Neville Black and he is an award winning wedding and portrait photographer living in the Pacific NW. Neville is a photographer who takes a lot of risks with his work and is willing to get uncomfortable because he feels that allows for so much more potential to produce a great photograph.

Not only did Neville Black write me this wonderful review for his new iPhone 5 case but he also took several gorgeous photos with his trained eye and offered some constructive criticism and compliments at the end of his post. Please take a look, it is one of the most in-depth reviews we have received for our cases. Also Neville really says a lot about the convenience of a wallet/phone case combo for his busy schedule. One of my favorite quotes from his post is "Like peanut butter and chocolate, eggs and bacon, a new epic combo is in my hands. iPhone and wallet."

Thanks, Neville Black and The Photo Brigade!

Update May, 2018:
Although we have vastly changed our designs for leather phone cases here at Hand and Hide, this post still has a lot to say about our values, our customizations and the overall quality we strive for in every piece. 

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