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Leather Bicycle Bag | How to Use

Leather Bicycle Bag | How to Use

May 27, 2017

Planning to spend your long weekend biking around? Hand and Hide has the perfect bike accessory for your adventure weekend! Our leather bicycle bags are made to enhance your biking experience and lend a classy look to your bicycle style.

Our bicycle bags are made 100% by hand in our Portland, OR studio. We use high-quality, full-grain leather and time-tested techniques to make our bags. With the handmade touch as well as the rustic aesthetic of gorgeous honey leather, these bags will up your game a notch as you cycle around town.

Hand and Hide Olive Leather Bike Bag or Bicycle Bag

What to put in my new bicycle bag you ask? Well, run to the grocery store for whatever you forgot, pack a book to your favorite park, keep your emergency tools on hand. These bags are also the perfect carry for your camera, snacks, coffee, tea, cat (just kidding) spare shoes, etc. As you can see the sky is the limit.

Below is our super happy tutorial for how to strap your new Hand and Hide leather bicycle bag onto your bike. Follow the photos and instructions for quick and easy install that gets you on the road (or trail) in no time at all.

First - locate the two buckles you will use to attach the bag to your bike. You can attach the bag either on your handlebar or to your top tube (the straight bar of the frame).

hand and hide leather bicycle bag tool bag

Cinch the buckles around the bar and tighten to the best fitting loop. You want your bag to tightened until it is snugly strapped to your frame or handlebar, that way it won’t bounce or sway while you bike around.

hand and hide leather bicycle bag how to use tutorial installation

And you’re done! No… really, that’s all there is to it.

Hand and Hide Leather Bicycle Bag

Unbuckle the lid to pack in your goodies and re-buckle to get on your way. Enjoy the weekend! Want the bag? Use the links above to purchase and check out our other leather goods or give us a call at 503.255.1172 to find out more about Hand and Hide

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