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Leather in Any Weather: A Care Guide Part I

March 01, 2017

Our hometown of Portland Oregon is incredibly rainy, as I write it is literally dumping outside! You might ask why a leather goods store would set up shop in such a wet environment knowing that water is no friend to leather. Although rain can make leather care potentially difficult we find this unique city with its rich natural colors, diverse interests and a strong local love for quality, handmade goods a perfect place to draw inspiration from every day.

Keeping your leather gear in top shape is easier than you might think, whether you live in a rainy city like ours or prefer a drier climate to call home. Dry environments (and messy ones) carry their own specific challenges to leather care so we’ll cover those as well. Read below to see how you can maintain the beautiful look and feel of your leather phone wallet, bag or tablet case with proper leather care.

Rainy Days

Water and leather are not what you might call best buddies. When water soaks into leather it can strip away the natural oils that keep leather soft and supple, and leave a few water spots behind as well. If leather loses its natural oiliness it can crack and become brittle. Although our products are water resistant, there is only so much moisture they can take on before the water leaches through to the leather itself. That is why we do not recommend dropping it into bathtubs or pools, taking it with you for a waterfall selfie or exposing your phone case to a torrential downpour while you wait for your Uber. Keep your leather phone case tucked away in your pocket or purse until you’ve safely distanced yourself from the watery disaster waiting to happen. Our goods can withstand some rain drops, but be aware this can cause slight discoloration, or water spots, over time.


Dry Environments

For our friends with Hand and Hide goods in warmer, drier climates leather also stands the risk of becoming dried out. Long exposure to hot, dry air can slowly dry out your leather over time. Just like your skin, leather needs a little bit of moisturizer every once in awhile. Surprisingly, leather is often re-oiled in a completely natural way. Next week we’ll talk more about how to re-oil your leather and offer additional tips on leather maintenance and aging and what you can do to extend the natural beauty and age of your leather goods.

In the meantime, if you are ready to upgrade into leather gear give Hand and Hide a call at 503.255.1172 to find out how our friendly staff can get started on your custom leather order today.

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