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Local Maker Spotlight - Venn Designs

Local Maker Spotlight - Venn Designs

May 16, 2017

Hello dear readers - this is the beginning of a new tradition on our Hand and Hide blog. Once a month we will feature a local maker whose products and philosophy we love. We hope you enjoy these forays into the minds of local makers as well as all the products and people you get to know along the way. May's Maker Spotlight is Tyler Benner of Venn Designs. Read on to learn more about Tyler. 

We got to meet Tyler Benner from Venn Designs and try out his spherical chairs the other day at ADX’s Open House. We had not heard of Venn Designs before but were completely wowed by these gorgeous chairs that not only serve as statement pieces for your home or office but also perform the much more necessary service of aligning your body and mind for a stronger, happier version of you.

Hand and Hide Venn Design Spotlight

The concept of the stability ball has been popular for awhile now as people have become more and more concerned with the ergonomic set-up of their desk arrangement and the long-term effects these can have on your health. After learning more about the unhealthy side effects of standard furniture, Tyler was inspired to create his Venn Chairs as an alternative way to sit for long periods of time.

Although the use of stability balls has somewhat diminished due to their sporty appearance and cheap construction Tyler’s Venn designs offer an elegant solution to both of those drawbacks.

Hand and Hide Blog Maker Spotlight Venn Design

Each chair is specially constructed from several layers of quality materials ensuring the perfect amount of cushion, alignment correction and even temperature control. See the diagram from Tyler’s website below to get a closer look at the in-depth design each of these chairs features.

Hand and Hide Maker Spotlight Venn Design


And besides the fact that these chairs are handmade here in Portland, OR - our favorite thing about Venn Designs is their bright and modern patterns made possible with Pendleton Eco-wool. These will compliment and brighten any space, whether that is the sitting room of your house or your trendy new workspace. And not only do these fabrics look amazing but we also believe they make it easier to maintain your position on the “chair”. Remember those plasticy stability balls? So easy to slip off if your focus wandered.

Venn Design Glacier ChairThey also come in smaller sizes so you can replace the poorly design children’s furniture in their playroom and provide them with some colorful Venn chairs instead. Not only will they look great but they will help your little ones get their wiggles out while learning about posture and alignment.

We’re huge fans of Tyler and if you are looking for an elegant addition to your healthy lifestyle then head over to his shop and take a look at all the gorgeous chairs you can incorporate seamlessly into your space.

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