Meet Yukon - Our Office Puppy!

Meet Yukon - Our Office Puppy!

November 13, 2018

We have a new member of staff to introduce to you. His name is Yukon and is has really soft ears. He's a puppy. We are not entirely sure what breeds Yukon is but he is definitely a mix of the sweetest dogs around. Yukon absolutely loves meeting new people and he greets visitors with one loud bark and a ton of tail wagging. Yukon's human mom, Sara, adopted him from the Oregon Humane Society in April of this year and he has been hanging around the office with us ever since. 

Hand and Hide Office Mascot Yukon the Dog

Yukon usually sits at our feet while we stitch or takes long naps in his bed by the sewing machine. Occasionally he'll walk around the studio to get a pet or two and give us a nice break from whatever we're working on at the moment. 

Now we know that not everyone loves dogs as much as we do and we are very sensitive to people's feelings about them. If you would like to come by but not interact with Yukon we completely understand and we keep him leashed for those visitors who prefer a little space. 

Hand and Hide Office Dog Yukon Running on the Oregon Coast

When Yukon is at home he loves trying to make friends with the resident cat, Albus, and going on long walks around Gresham parks. However, Yukon's favorite place to walk and run is the beach and he gets there as often as he can.

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