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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Picky Mom

April 20, 2017

Hand and Hide Mother's Day Gift Guide

Looking for some Mother’s Day gift inspiration? This can be one of the hardest gifting occasions because - let’s face it - Mom can be a little picky. Also, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s have been stereotyped into an endless cycle of flowers, cards and chocolate. No wonder your mom can’t remember what you got her last year - it’s not just the senility kicking in guys. But your mom is probably pretty used to the obligatory card and flowers by now. So here are a few ideas to help this Mother’s Day stand out to both of you, in a totally good way.

Give Her Something She Can Use However She Wants To

For instance, our Airplant Holder isn't just for airplants. It can also be used as an excellent catch-all as you walk in the door, a votive holder if you decide to go the candle route or a lovely sunny window hanging that captures and disperses light into interesting shapes on the wall. You can give the gift with your blessing and then let your mom decide how to use it. As she will anyway.

Give Her Something That Will Last Forever

And no, botox doesn’t fall under this category unfortunately - and it is rather expensive. Instead go for a enduring option made from a different kind of natural material like a journal cover made from quality leather like this one. Leather is an incredibly durable material and will probably come with a lifetime’s use calculating that your mother is old enough to have birthed an individual who is now an adult affluent enough to purchase her luxury gifts.

Something of Sentimental Value

Play to her emotional side with something that really doesn’t have all that much financial cost but is high on sentimental value. When you were a kid you could get away with illiterate poems, flowers stolen from your mother’s yard and uncomplimentary drawings of her in crayon. Why not now? Frame one of her favorite photos and send it over, write a letter telling her how she made you who you are today or enlist a friend to do a photoshoot with just the two of you.

Hedge Your Bets

There is nothing better than a gift basket, because darn it all, she has to like at least one thing in there. Fill it up with chocolate, little candles, soap, notes of adoration, and one big risk. That way if the big gift flops you have all the little things to distract her.

Still Stuck?

Then just get your mom a jar of Jif peanut butter. After all, “Choosy Moms choose Jif” and it might bring back some cool memories of raising you. Also, it can be a cute way to remind her that you haven’t forgotten all that she did for you. I recommend a heartfelt, hand-written card accompanies this gift. Maybe she’ll even make you a PB&J one last time.

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