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New iPhone? Get a New Leather iPhone Case

October 06, 2018

Four New iPhone Cases

Since the new iPhones just recently launched, we thought we would remind you all that we always have our cases ready to go for the new devices. Our full selection of phone cases are now available for your new iPhone XS, XS Max or XR.

We have four different types of phone cases available for the new iPhones. Each phone case type we offer is available for each of these new devices. Let's break them down one by one so you can get the best fit for your lifestyle.

hand and hide classic leather iphone xs max case in dark chocolate

The Classic iPhone Case

Our original case and still the fan favorite. Our classic wallet case features a convenient wallet that you can customize with your name and extra card slots. As usual, our hand-molded leather tabs secure your phone into place and the overall coverage protects your screen and phone from damage with quality leather and handmade stitching. Go here to start customizing your leather iPhone case.



The Flex

The Flex may look a lot like the classic at first glance, however, it boasts a versatile feature that keeps your phone use easy and unencumbered. While few can deny the benefits of combining your phone case and wallet into one, most agree there are times when the wallet just isn’t needed and even gets in the way. Think about that monthly (or weekly) 2-hour long phone call with your mom or Netflixing in the airport? There are times when you would prefer your case was a little lighter and less bulky. That is why we designed the Flex. This unique case utilizes a handy, 2-snap design to give you the option of carrying your phone case with the matching wallet portion or going without. The 2-piece case easily snaps together and apart for any situation. Select your device here to get started.


hand and hide case for two phones

The Double

Some people are twice as lucky as others and are the proud owners of two phones. Keep the clutter to a minimum and have easy access to either phone with our double phone. It’s all leather and can separate into two halves so you can leave your work phone behind when you are off the clock. Get yours now.


hand and hide wrap slim leather phone case

The Wrap 

This is our newest iPhone case design and serves as a great alternative case for those who prefer lighter, slimmer carry. It wraps around the case leaving precise access to each port, camera, and button for your uninhibited use. This case is currently in beta as we try to work out the last kinks of the design. It’s available at a discounted price for a limited time for customers who want to try out the case and give us feedback before the official launch. You can learn more and shop the case here.

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