Hand and Hide New Leather Goods Packaging

New Packaging for Hand and Hide Goods

November 23, 2018

Great news! We updated our packaging and it is perfect for the gifting season happening now. We were never really satisfied with our packaging before which was entirely focused on sturdiness throughout the mailing process. However, our old packaging produced a lot of plastic waste and we were constantly thinking of how we could lessen that in any way. This last year we finally put together a packaging proposal, tested it for a couple months and we can now say we are very happy with our new shipping solution!  

 Hand and Hide New Leather Goods Packaging for the Holidays


Our packaging is now much lower in plastic content and it looks great while maintaining the sturdy factor as well. I’ll take you through our shipping steps so you have an idea of how we get our handmade leather goods out the door and on their way to you.

First, we polish the item and do one last check to ensure the order details are correct. If it is one of our phone wallets or the double phone case then we make sure to give the custom engraving or free inscription an extra polish.

 Hand and Hide New Leather Phone Wallet Packaging for the Holidays


Next, we set the item in the small box and wrap it in our brand stamped linen. We tie the box shut with our favorite color of string, right now it is a pretty blue-green. Lastly, we tuck in a newly designed flyer that includes a return customer discount for your next purchase. This all gets placed in our attractive new craft bubble mailers.

If you are looking to gift one of our leather phone wallets this holiday season then the wrapping has already been done for you. Who doesn’t love to receive a box tied up string? I know it’s Julie Andrews’ favourite. Please note however that we do not offer gift-wrapping paper or bows this year.

 Hand and Hide New Leather Goods Packaging for the Holidays


Let us know what you think of our new packaging in the comments and be sure to order your gifts two weeks ahead of the date you need them.

Happy Holidays!

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