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Our Team

June 07, 2016

Our Team

Meet our team and learn a little about us!


From: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 
Arriving in Pittsburgh via the Fort Pitt tunnel still gets me every time.  You emerge from the darkness of the tunnel and are presented with the entire downtown skyline - it’s magical. 
Portland reminds me of a hipper, younger version of Pittsburgh.  Commuting to work on my bike along the Willamette river in the cool morning air is a great start to the day.  I love being able to walk or ride to everything.
I started Hand and Hide and do all the design work, as well as all the other things that come with owning a business. I love designing new products and making prototypes.  I love it when our customers ask us to make something new and we come up with a great design.
In my spare time, I love paddling my hand-built cedar-strip kayak.  There is something so satisfying about the quiet, almost effortless motion of gliding through the water.  


From: Indianapolis, Indiana 
Home is where my family is, and where I grew up. Simple as that.
I love that here in Portland when I look out my window I see a forest. I love having the ocean just a couple hours away, and I love that winter is still green, even when the leaves have fallen, that is pretty magic.
I work production, and I like to watch our products evolve as they go through the process.
In my free time, I'm all about riding my motorcycle. 


From: Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix is always sunny and usually too hot to be outside. Rain there means pounding thunderstorms. 
Portland has taught me to value the sunshine and soak it up when I can. I love that it is nice enough to be outside most of the year.
I have many roles here at Hand and Hide. I am usually the one to answer the phone if you call, I update and make changes to our site, and I work in production sometimes as well. I love being able to help our customers, and learning about leather.
The rare moments I'm actually home I like to spend time tending my plants and chickens. 


From: St. Augustine, Florida
St. Augustine is a small southern town on the beach where it is always warm enough to be out on your bike enjoying the endless summer. 
I love Portland's moody winter weather, waking up to grey fog, and misting rain. A world dripping in moss has a real magic to it.
Making everything by hand as part of a small team means I am involved in every step of the process. There is a charm to slowing down a production process and knowing you were responsible for each step.
At home I love making everything by hand in my own kitchen. As well as getting out of the city whenever I can to explore more of the Pacific Northwest.

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