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2015 Power of the Purse - bag design

January 19, 2015

2015 Power of the Purse - bag design

It's that time of year again; the 10th annual Power of the Purse is only 7 weeks away. The bags are due in 2 weeks and there is a 10th anniversary preview gala this Thursday. I am going to try to have my bag ready for the preview. This year I was paired with Chris McGowan, President and CEO of the Portland Trail Blazers! I met with Chris before the holiday season and we hashed out a design for a messenger bag that would incorporate some basketball leather using one of the official NBA balls that the Trail Blazers had actually used. We decided on pebbled black chap leather for the exterior and a minimalist design that will hopefully appeal to Blazers fans. I drew up a few sketches before starting:


I laid out all the main parts and got to work:

Still need to figure out the handle, closure snap and strap, but it is getting close. I should be able to have it ready for Thursday...

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