Hand and Hide leather tote bag with custom engraving

Power of the Purse 2017

March 22, 2017

The Girls Inc Power of Purse 2017 gala has come and gone and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our amazing leather tote bag with henna hands in a gesture of love was auctioned off for charity last Friday night at the Hilton in downtown Portland. Here is a close-up look at Hand and Hide's 2017 POP bag. 

Hand and Hide Henna Love Leather Tote Bag

The winning wager? A cool $6,750.00.

I know right?

We sat down with Jeff Amrhein, designer of this year's bag and founder of Hand and Hide, to hear more about the gala and his experience this year. Below, Girl's Inc council girl Kennedy sings after intermission and models Hand and Hide's leather tote that she helped design. 

Hand and Hide models their leather tote bag at Girls Inc Power of the Purse gala.

How did it feel to participate in the Power of the Purse this year?

Jeff: "With the current political atmosphere, this year’s event felt so much more important.  Donors were more generous than in years past and the purse auctions accelerated much quicker than before. It was a great moment to experience!”

What will those funds do for Girl’s INC?  

Jeff: “The funds are used to enable more activities and to sponsor more girls in the PNW.  Just witnessing what some of these teenagers are capable of when given the opportunity gives me confidence for the future.”

How much did you think your leather tote would auction for?  

Jeff: “I was hoping it would raise $4k and optimistic that it might break $6k.”

Were you surprised by the result?  

Jeff: “Actually, after seeing the results of the earlier bags at auction, I knew it would do very well.  But $6.75K is a new record for Hand and Hide!”

Why do you think your leather bag resonated with so many attendees this year? 

Jeff: “Kennedy, the Girls Inc council girl who collaborated with me on the bag design, performed a song during the intermission.  She amazed everyone!  And then our bag was auctioned immediately after that, so there was a lot of excitement about her and the bag.  I also think that the bag, with its henna designs and having hand silhouettes from the whole Hand and Hide team conveyed a message of inclusion, that all lives and all perspectives are important.”

Are there plans for any more custom leather bags in the works? Will you be participating in Power of the Purse next year as well?

Jeff: “I will continue to participate as long as they’ll have me! I did speak with Girls Inc director Elizabeth Nye and she hoped that I’d be back next year, so things look good for 2018.  As for designs for next year’s bag, I’ll have to wait and see with whom I am teamed.  I am sure we’ll come up with something great!”

Good luck next year Jeff! We can't wait to see what amazing creations you dream up for Power of Purse 2018!

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