Hand and Hide Samsung Galaxy S8 Announcement

Ready or Not: Here Comes the Samsung Galaxy S8

March 29, 2017

Are you ready to unbox your new Samsung Galaxy S8? The newest phone from Samsung is ready to unveil tomorrow and hopefully restore Samsung’s reputation as a reliable smartphone manufacturer. We at Hand and Hide have been closely watching the rumors and leaks for this cutting edge design and have made some changes to make our new Galaxy S8 leather phone case everything you expect and need.

Ever since the failure and recall of Samsung’s notorious Galaxy Note 7, the pressure has been on for the smartphone giant to recover from their fiery debacle. I wish I was a fly on the wall for those Galaxy S8 R&D meetings - not only does Samsung have to design a battery that will never spontaneously combust but they also have to come to the table with jaw-dropping technological advances for their new flagship. Imagine if history repeated itself, if even one of the new S8 phones lets off a spark Samsung may have to kiss their reputation as reliable smartphone maker goodbye for the foreseeable future.  

But no fear, so far the leaked designs look amazing! The curved screen has nearly swallowed up the phone with teeny weeny bezels at top and bottom maximizing your screen space and providing an elegant curve. The home button has disappeared and purportedly reappeared on the back next to the camera. Besides these superficial changes it has also been reported that Samsung will be debuting their new smart assistant - Bixby. (With a name like that we hope it can double as a butler/valet.) So if the rumors are to be believed it does seem as if we can expect great things from the new Galaxy S8. That’s what happens when you have a giant in the industry with an equally giant thirst to prove themselves and win back their consumers.

Here at Hand and Hide we have been watching the updates carefully so we can have our new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone case design ready to launch at the same time. The S8 is scheduled to be revealed tomorrow in New York and our Galaxy S8 wallet phone case is available now so you can get your order started ahead of time. It takes us about 2 weeks to hand make your phone case in our Portland, OR studio and up to an additional 3-5 days for shipping so get your order started now so you can have it when your Galaxy S8 arrives.


Samsung’s latest design and the general trend that new smartphones seem to be following, however has caused some minor changes here at Hand and Hide. In order to safely secure your phone as we have in the past we have had to alter the leather holders that keep your phone tightly in it’s case. These holders have drastically slimmed down in order to not obscure any part of your screen or ports and cameras. This new holder design needed some extra support so we have started using AirStick microsuction tape in each new Galaxy S8 phone wallet to ensure the same glove-like fit and functionality you expect from us here at Hand and Hide.  

We can’t wait to start making your Galaxy S8 leather phone cases - so as soon as you snag the latest flagship from Samsung, head back here to purchase your new phone case as well.

Have questions about our new phone case design or want more info on the microsuction tape? Call our friendly staff at 503.255.1172 to learn more and place your order today.

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