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The New Note 9 Needs a New Case

The New Note 9 Needs a New Case

August 09, 2018

Time to upgrade your Samsung with the new Note 9 and enliven your everyday carry with a brand new case from Hand and Hide. We have kept our ears to the ground on the new Note release and have our case designed and ready for you to order and customize. 

Ready for the next upgrade? The Samsung Note 9 landed today and it is as desirable as predicted by Forbes, Business Insider, and Android Central. This update is set to refresh the camera, S-pen as well as give it a serious speed boost. We know at Hand and Hide that when it is time for a new phone, it is time for a new phone case as well. With the Note 9 set to ship later this month, you can order your case from us now and it will arrive in time to put on your new phone.

Worried about our hand-molded leather holders maintaining a secure grip on your phone? Newer, larger screens seen on phones like the Notes have presented a challenge to leather phone wallets. But we evolved to meet this change and have started incorporating microsuction tape into our case design for phones as far back as the s8 series. This awesome technology maintains a firm grip on the back of your phone along with our leather holders but still allows for easy removal of your Note 9 from the case when needed.

Give us a call if you need help ordering your new phone case for the Note 9 or would like to know more about the customization options we offer on our products. Our staff is available Tues-Fri and is always happy to help.

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